Northside Harvest Park

498 Howard Street | Spartanburg, SC 29303

Rent Northside Harvest Park for your next special occasion!

Northside Harvest Park is available as an event venue – host a party, concert, fundraiser, or anything else you can image! The property is available for 4-hour and full-day rentals. If interested, please email Jordan Wolfe at for more details.


Northside Harvest Park is home to the Hub City Farmers’ Market’s Saturday Market and HCFM’s Urban Farm, located adjacent to The Butterfly Foundation, the Monarch Cafe and Fresh Food Store and Butterfly Creek and Park.

Harvest Park grew from an idea that a community working together could fight food disparities in Spartanburg. The facility springs from the effort of many, many partners: local, regional, and national, all with the idea of creating a “farm to fork” opportunity in a food desert. More than 3 years in the making, Harvest Park offers Northside residents a chance to buy healthy produce within walking distance for the first time in more than a generation. It also gives the greater Spartanburg community a place to gather for the weekly farmers’ market, concert, party, or other event.

This ground-breaking shopping plaza represents all aspects of the food system. At the rear of the property, the Urban Farm intensively cultivates produce on a half-acre site, which eventually ends up in HCFM’s Mobile Market or the Butterfly Foundation’s Monarch Cafe and Food Store. At the front of the property, HCFM holds its weekly farmers’ market, which will grow to a 12 month market in 2016. Next to HCFM’s pavilion is the Monarch Cafe and Food Store, offering produce for sale, freshly prepared meals, culinary training, and rental kitchen. In concept, design, and execution, Harvest Park serves as a model of collaboration and determination to rid the community of a food desert.