Seed-to-Table School Enrichment Program


Growing the young minds of tomorrow.

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What Is It?

Seed to Table enrichment program seeks to bridge the gap in understanding where our food comes from before it reaches the grocery store shelves. Through experiential and problem based learning, the students will be introduced to healthy food cultivation right in their classrooms and then see what they learned come to life at HCFM’s Urban Farm. The curriculum is designed with Farm to School, MyPlate, and State Plan guidelines in mind and aims to not only challenge students, but enlighten them to make the healthy choice.

In the Classroom: Curriculum designed by HCFM and taught by teachers will enhance classroom education through hands-on learning related to food, health, agriculture, and nutrition.

On the Farm: Students will travel to HCFM’s organic Urban Farm (located at Northside Harvest Park Healthy Food Hub) twice a semester and see what they learned in the classroom come to life. HCFM will design educational programs that increase knowledge and awareness about gardening, agriculture, healthy eating, local foods, nutrition, growing cycles, seasonality, and other STEM concepts. Each class will have their own raised bed where the students can see their hard work come to life with each visit.

At Home: Students will be given a seasonal crop to take home and grow themselves after each visit. They will learn how to properly take care of that crop and can reiterate what they learned to their students at school.

At the Farmers Market: Once a semester, the students will run a booth at the Saturday Farmers’ Market, selling the produce they grew, learning proper money exchange and their crop’s economic value.

Cost of the Program: FREE. All materials supplied through sponsorship with Palmetto Vermiculite.

The Seed to Table program is currently offering lessons to all 7 Spartanburg district elementary schools

Izzy Goodchild-Michelman '23 worked with our Urban Farm manager Meg Whiteley to create educational lessons for Spartanburg, South Carolina school children as part of the Hub City Urban Farm's Seed to Table program. Goodchild-Michelman, a Spartanburg native, worked on this project as part of Harvard College's new Service Starts with Summer program for incoming first-year students engaged in service projects in their hometown communities.

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